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Mission Statements


One of my main focuses is to serve the people of Charles County through being efficient. Once elected I plan to identity the areas of the clerks office that can be improved on to make sure we are being as efficient as possible. I believe through this goal, I can make sure we can more done with less and we can better serve the people by requiring less of their tax dollars.
Customer Service: 

As someone that has worked with the public in multiple capacities over the years it is my goal to provide the highest level of customer service possible. I want to help people solve their problems and get them on their way. It is my goal to make the Courthouse less like the MVA. While it might not be fun to come see us but I promise I will make is as least frustrating as possible. 

What does servitude mean to you? Let me share what it means to me. In my mind it means upholding the best level of service to the public. I don't only believe while being efficient and smart about the work we do to serve the people but I also believe in always upholding the best interests of the public through my work. I currently believe many of our current elected officials have forgotten that government should be service. I will also give back to my community by donating a portion of my government salary once elected to underprivileged children in my community. 
Utilization of Technology:
One of my major goals is to utilize the use technology to help streamline the process of the clerks office. I want to further work with local and state partners to expand the MDEC filing system to also include email and text alerts so less people miss their court hearings and further enhance the docket process for the benefit of the courts and the public alike.
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