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Leadership through Action and using my office as a Platform

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

One of the major cornerstones of my platform is leadership through action. What I mean by this is always having an open door policy. Once elected, my office and my leadership of the Circuit Court Clerks office does not mean my duties to the community end at the courthouse. I want to be a community leader. I want people from all over the county to be able to come to me, court related or not and I want to be there to lead and help them. If I am not able to assist them through my office, I will partner with other community leaders and point them in the right direction. In regards to the leadership directly in my office, my door will always remain open to both the public and my staff. My vision to maximize customer service begins and ends with my staff and I. I will work with the clerks office staff and provide whatever resources I can provide and if I can not, I will do my best to procure them.

It is also my vision to develop a coalition of sorts with other elected and non elected community leaders. That way we can all sit together at the peripheral table to work towards what's best for our community and county. As a soon to be elected leader I believe our elected leaders should not to hide behind their offices or actually in their offices and work together to make Charles County a better place to live. We have some serious issues going on in our county and we need to get serious about working together and solving them. That is best done by putting aside our political differences or even personal ones and work together through open discussion and develop solutions together as a community.

I will close with this, we need leadership through action. Our elected leaders need to remember that government is service. The tax payers are our customers and our employers. We need open doors to our community and we need problem solvers. I will bring my resourcefulness, willingness to serve and leadership abilities to the Circuit Court Clerks office and to Charles County. The people of this county will pay me a nice salary, I plan to earn every penny of it and more. I will put value back into government service for the people. I will begin that commitment with me promising to donate a percentage of my salary to foster children programs in the county as I am a former foster child I understand the struggles many foster children have.

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