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My Five point plan for once being elected

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

1) I have said on multiple occasions I want to raise the level of the position to become a community leader and run my office with efficiency. I first need to learn the job. That is going to start with me shadowing a clerk of the circuit court or chief deputy between the time of the primary and the time I get sworn in. I plan to research, speak to anyone that can help me to help get me prepared. I will continue to show my dedication by getting as ready as I can be on day one.

2) The other thing for me is I need to spend some time figuring out why the office does things the way they do and figure out which changes I can do within the law. This is why its important to be able to be a problem solver. You have to be able to figure not only how things but why. That way you can make things better

3) Customer service improvements. We need to increase the level of customer service. That is going to start by making the processes better. Things moving smoother is better for everyone. I will also focus on technology to get this done. We need to make sure we are not behind in both the Maryland judiciary and the country. There is a lot of technology that exists in other jurisdictions that we are way behind in. I will also strongly support implementing a customer feedback portal to make sure we have metrics to help guide us in identifying our strengths

4) Focus on tech and fighting for the money we need to make the technology improvements. This here will not be a day one or day ninety or whatever change. This will require working with the agencies involved and lobbying with Annapolis to get this accomplished. I do not believe our judiciary should be left behind. Our staff in the Circuit Court deserves to be better prepared and our public that we serve deserves a better process. I believe making sure we are making the best of our resources we currently have and then doing my best to secure the best resources available to support my office and the public.

5) Leadership through action. Once I get the meat and potatoes down for this position. I plan to make sure I am learning more about county government in general. I would like to use my leadership abilities paired with my problem solving skills to be there for our community. I want to be a voice for people. I want to be able to either help solve problems or direct people to the resources they need. This is more then a clerks job for me. I want to be an elected leader not an elected official.

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