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What am I about and why I am running for office

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

One of the many reasons I am running for office is because I have become fed up and tired with the fact our current local government has forgotten that they serve the people. The reason I choose the Clerk of the Circuit Court as an office to run for is because I am a process and detailed oriented person. I am also a problem solver and I enjoy finding creative solutions to creative problems. I have a strong IT and business background. Our current incumbent is retiring and I believe it is time for a change. Two of my three competitors have been there for quite some time and I believe it is time for the level of service to public to be increased dramatically.

What does the Clerk of the Circuit Court actually do?

This is a question I receive quite often. The office of the Clerk of Courts actually goes back to before the Country was founded. The Clerk of the Circuit Court is responsible for recording land deeds, recording mortgages, issuing marriage licenses, business licenses, performing civil marriage ceremonies and swears in public officials among other important duties. The Clerks office also maintains civil, criminal and juvenile filings.

Why should you vote for me and what changes will I make?

The core of my platform is, "Servitude Through Efficiency". What that means is I believe we need to be more efficient in our duties as servants to the public. Government should be service. So while I admit I have never worked in the Clerks office previously, I will work hard with the current staff and do everything I can to learn the position. Once I achieve that benchmark I plan to start to analyze the processes of office and see what parts of the process can be streamlined. I have a strong IT and business background. I plan to use that experience to make the best use of technology so I can increase the efficiency of the process. This is not only to better serve the public but become more cost effective. The Circuit Court every year has to request more and more funds from the taxpayers. While I do believe this is a natural part of government, lets try to reduce our budget footprint is my belief.

Customer Service goals

While I will currently admit while I do not work in that office and I completely recognize that I will first need to learn the position before coming up with any solid plans, I do want to make the courthouse less like the MVA. I want the public to get the best experience they possibly can. People need to remember not everything that happens in Circuit Court is criminal. I want to return the concept of service back in government.

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